Effective 15/07/2020 we have updated and reconfirmed our presence in the DuPont Corian Quality Network, the international, technical and marketing program of the DuPont Building Innovation Sector.

The companies that are part of the QN Network are selected on the basis of their technical qualifications and are nominated as Industrial Partners by DuPont to manufacture or install DuPont Corian Products, and also benefit from a 10-year product installation warranty.

Membership of the QN Network as an Industrial Partner makes us one of the companies specialized in the manufacture / processing of Corian, with the achievement of the best results through the use of different technologies; all our technicians have received specific training directly from DuPont and are up to date with all the latest Corian innovations; most important of all, Industrial Partners are processors with skills that have been certified by DuPont.