“From recycled paper to stone”

Friday 7th February 2020 at 15.30

Palazzo Franchetti, Venice


Promoted by Sadun, in collaboration with IED and Dform, the event “From recycled paper to stone” was held in the suggestive atmosphere of Palazzo Franchetti, a meeting addressed to professionals in the sector and aimed at training on the brand new and innovative Paperstone material ®.

The course, registered at AIA / CES (The American Institute of Architects – Continuing Education Systems) for continuous professional training, briefly described the production process and the potential of this material, the first in the world composite made with paper and cardboard recycled to 100% FSC® certified and subsequently impregnated with PetroFree ™ pigmented resin, mainly obtained by squeezing the cashew shells and therefore free of chemical compounds from petroleum.

To tell about this incredible circular material were the architect Carlo Vavassori, product manager of Sadun, and Michele Filippi, president of Dform, entertaining the room through technical insights and testimonies on the use of this eco-sustainable material in different furnishing contexts; at the end of the course, an IED student exposed the transversal project which involved some students in the development of the exhibition “Shaping the Future”, inaugurated in June 2019, dedicated to the theme of sustainability and sponsored by Dform.

The resistance to high temperatures, water, scratches and stains make Paperstone® as resistant as stone and workable as wood, marrying at the same time the cause of a more sustainable growth and attentive to respect for the environment, saving natural resources and to the overall improvement of the quality of life.

Find out more about Paperstone® and our proposals by writing to info@dform.it.