We transform matter into form and function
through knowledge and innovation.

We work with solid surfaces, methacrylates, HPL laminates, transforming them mainly into components for furnishing elements and panels for covering environments. We have been doing this for over a decade, enriching our knowledge on the subject every day and pursuing innovation.

We have established ourselves as a leading company in Italy, distinguishing for the promptness to change the characteristics of new materials in design and production opportunities and for the ability to develop ingenious and innovative solutions.

Thanks to conspicuous and constant investments in research, the ability to offer an efficient pre and post sales service, as well as the reliability that the markets recognize us, we are rapidly growing abroad, as evidenced by the fact that many of our products are patented internationally.

Our production is aimed at different areas: from kitchen furnishings to bathrooms, from furnishings for commercial spaces to medical ones, from applications for ships and boats, to the most elaborate just-in-time solutions for interior design.

Many important Italian furniture brands come to us, through the design studies to which they entrust the design of their products. The idea of the creative becomes a form through a shared process, in which our knowledge of materials and workmanship is essential so that the result adheres perfectly, in both formal and functional terms, to the client’s wishes.

We also deal with larger and more complex projects, collaborating with contract companies. We create complete environments and common areas, also providing for the installation of products thanks to a more and more extensive expertise and the use of specific technologies of the latest generation.